Chapter 12: Combinations of Patterns

Many verbs have more than one pattern. For example, boast has the patterns V about n and V that; you can boast about something you have done, or boast that you have done something. Verbs that have the same basic meaning may also share a combination of patterns. For example, argue and complain, like boast, have the patterns V about n and V that.

In this chapter, we give the most important combinations of patterns. The patterns in each pattern combination are ordered alphabetically, so, for example, we give the combination V in n; V on n, not the combination V on n; V in n. Under each pattern combination, we give examples showing both patterns, and a list of the verbs which have that combination of patterns. The examples indicate whether the two patterns perform a similar function, as in argue about something and argue over something, or whether they perform different functions, as in campaign against something and campaign for something. We sometimes give two examples of one pattern, to show its two possible meanings with a particular verb. The verbs in one combination of patterns may all have the same basic meaning, or they may have different meanings: for example, some of the verbs with the combination V at n; V n at n are concerned with shouting, and some with pointing.

The pattern combinations themselves are also presented in alphabetical order. For example, V in n; V n in n comes before V in n; V on n. If you know which combination of patterns you want to look at, you can find it in its alphabetical place. If, on the other hand, you are interested in, for example, any combination of patterns with V that, look up V that in its normal alphabetical place: you will find some combinations there, and cross-references to the other combinations.

Although most of the combinations we give involve two patterns, the combinations of three and four patterns are particularly interesting. In this chapter you will find the following combinations of three patterns:

V about n; V at n; V with quote
V about n; V on n; V over n
V about n; V over n; V that
V about n; V that; V with quote
V about n; V wh; V wh-to-inf
V against n; V for n; V in favour of n
V at n; V that; V with quote
V for n; V that; V to-inf
V n about n; V n wh; V n wh-to-inf
V n adj; V n as adj; V n as n
V n adj; V n as n; V n n
V n as adj; V n as n; V n n
V n into -ing; V n into n; V n to-inf
V n to-inf; V n with quote; V with quote
V n to-inf; V that; V with quote
V n with quote; V that; V with quote
V on n; V that; V with quote
V that; V to-inf; V with quote
V that; V to n; V with quote
V that; V wh; V with quote
V that; V with n; V with quote 577

There is one combination of four patterns:

V n adj; V n as adj; V n as n; V n n

The patterns V and V n are particularly frequent, and very many verbs that have other patterns also have the pattern V or V n. For example, boast, argue, and complain have the pattern V as well as V about n and V that. We do not show combinations with V or V n, except for the combination V; V n itself.

V; V n

The examples and list below contain only verbs which are among the 400 most frequently occurring verbs in the Bank of English. Many verbs that have the pattern V and V n are ergative verbs, for example A window broke, They broke the window. These verbs are not listed or examplified here but are described in Chapter 7.

To our great relief, she accepted. He offered to help me, and I accepted the offer.
Unable to have children of their own, Penny and Rodney decided to adopt. Persons who wish to adopt a child may contact their local social services department.
The question was directed at the Russian, but I answered. You didn't answer my question. He didn't answer me.
Bob kneeled by his side, hovering over his wounded friend, as the guards approached. Cross approached the door and looked out.
She went upstairs to change. When he came out he'd changed his clothes.
I was taught to cook by the nuns at my convent school. Cook the carrots, onions, celery and diced bacon until golden.
Caine learned to drive only a few years ago. They drive a grey Buick station wagon.
They didn't say very much while they ate. They ate lunch in the canteen.
When he was almost level with the deck, his strength failed and he fell back into the sea. My courage failed me.
But what if Jay found out? We found out a funny thing about the kids.
Have you finished? There were further cheers when the old man had finished his speech.
He took his pistol and fired. Hood fired an air rifle from his bedroom and hit a 13-year-old boy in the head. With a gentle squeeze of the trigger he fired a single bullet.
I wouldn't let my children go without. My mother and I had to go without food sometimes.
He talked softly so that nobody could hear. Dennis heard a metallic clatter.
So you think the government actually could step in and help out? The more experienced players are not helping out the youngsters.
Cocaine can kill. A series of explosions have killed three soldiers and wounded at least three others.
He never married. He married a local woman.
Many of the families have vowed not to move. She doesn't want to move house at all.
We opened up at nine. They opened up the church and began ringing the church bells.
He paid and went out. He paid his bill without complaint.
Tony grabbed the wire and pulled. Reggie put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger.
You helped him once before, do you remember? I remember the day he was born.
France's defence minister resigned today. David resigned his directorship in December 1973.
She'll ring back later. I'll ring you back in the morning.
I was thrilled when we scored. Carey scored five runs.
Chief Buthelezi was speaking at a news conference in Hong Kong. Severn pulled his face away and Keats spoke his last words.
The chauffeur survived and identified Garcia. A baby girl survived a 20ft fall from a second-floor window on to a concrete patio yesterday.
He has taught at Princeton, Harvard and Yale. She taught English Literature.
Almost as soon as he learnt to write, he handed his parents a note which read, `I wish to become a painter.' She wrote her name and address on a slip of paper.
accept accuse act adopt answer approach ask attack attend be expecting call change charge check choose claim cook count defend deliver demand dominate draw drink drive earn eat enter explain fail fight finish fire fit fly follow hear help hold hurt indicate injure investigate kill know lay lead learn leave lose marry (not) mind miss move negotiate notice order paint pass pay perform play please promise propose publish pull push read realize recall receive remember repeat report resign ring rule run save score see sell serve settle share shoot sing speak start steal stop strike study suffer survive teach travel turn visit wait watch win write
answer back back up call back call up carry on clear away clear up cut back cut down do without drink up drop by fall behind find out follow through get off get through give over give up go without hang up help out hit back hold back last out lead off leave off move down move up open up pass by report back ring back sell up shoot up sign off sign on spread out start over stop by take over turn off
V about n; V at n
I shouldn't grumble about Mum. She's lovely really. The men grumbled at the rebuke. I keep grumbling at them.
Amnesty International has protested about the treatment received by the prisoners. 579 He protested at police brutality during peaceful anti-government demonstrations.
carp fume grumble protest rage rant snigger yap
go on
V about n; V at n; V with quote
Reporters have been grumbling about their limited access to President Clinton. He noted in his autobiography that his wife was a great success as a camper in that she never grumbled at hardships. All night Ray had grumbled at me. `I'm sure we should have been nearer the front,' Charlotte grumbled.
Mr Bright sounds like the type of schoolboy who sniggered about sex at the back of the class. The old woman sniggered at such a humorous sight. `It couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of chaps,' sniggered the man.
fume grumble rage rant snigger
V about n; V n about n

In the case of hear, know, learn, and find out, the noun group following the verb in the pattern V n about n is always an amount.

I think he was a bit taken aback when I asked about his family history. He asked me about my illness.
Perhaps other people knew about our affair and didn't regard it seriously. Technical people often complain that translators know nothing about the specialised subject they are supposed to be translating.
ask fight hear know learn
find out
V about n; V on n
At the same time, his colleagues in Parliament have been deliberating about constitutional change. The government was deliberating on an urgent question of policy.
Doctors differ about her condition. Mr Hurd said they differed on a number of issues.
It is virtually impossible to generalize about the state of the country's health. I am always a little nervous to generalize on youth attitudes.
I talked about things which interested me. We also talked on Catholicism and curiously enough, all my objections sounded awfully lame to me.
agree brood cogitate deliberate differ disagree discourse generalize muse philosophize pontificate ruminate speculate talk waffle waver write
sound off
V about n; V on n; V over n
The two sides disagree about the number of victims. All are committed to market reform but they disagree on essential details. We disagreed over a few points, but the committee seemed reasonably satisfied.
Several times during the previous night she had speculated about the extent of his involvement. Detective Superintendent Patrick said it was too early to speculate on a motive for the killing. While dealers speculate over the future of gold, most people seem to have forgotten to inquire after the health of gold's poorer relation, silver.
brood deliberate differ disagree muse ruminate speculate waffle waver
V about n; V over n
The contenders argued about human rights, democracy and foreign investment. Mrs Ford and the children have been arguing over the inheritance ever since.
I had fantasized about food for nearly three agonizing weeks. Brett is gorgeous, so let people fantasise over the lovely boy.
Judy frets about her aged parents. Gilmour said he had spent the day fretting over the accident.
agonize argue bicker brood crow deliberate dicker differ disagree dither enthuse equivocate fantasize fight fret fume gloat gush haggle muse obsess puzzle quarrel quibble rhapsodize row ruminate speculate squabble waffle waver
V about n; V over n; V that
My mother and I disagree about music. Washington and the EC still disagree over agricultural subsidies. No one will disagree that dictionaries are useful.
He toured the world, conducting, teaching, and generally enthusing about his art. Her mother enthused over her youthful acting. His publicist enthuses that the book contains some of the best one-liners in modern fiction.
crow disagree enthuse fret muse speculate
V about n; V that
A lot of people complain about the lack of new writers in television. The critics complain that public transport has not been able to cope adequately with the travel boom.
The bomb killed five people, including a seven-month-old baby. The majority of the country's newspapers speculated about a possible terrorist link. Officials speculated that the dolphins might have been poisoned.
581 agree bleat boast brag burble complain crow disagree dream enthuse fantasize forget fret groan grouse grumble hear joke know moan muse mutter preach read speculate testify theorize wail whine worry
find out
V about n; V that; V with quote
He was cheeky and he loved to boast about his crimes. Mr Turner boasts that CNN will soon have total global coverage. `We're the toughest crew in the world,' he boasted.
The chairman grumbled about recent falls in the company's share price. He is still grumbling that he wished he had stayed at home. `The whole thing is becoming a circus,' Barbara grumbled.
The desperate mother wails about the lack of safety for her daughter. Primrose began to wail that she was hungry. `Have I done wrong?' she wailed.
agree boast brag burble complain enthuse grouse grumble joke moan muse mutter read speculate wail whine
V about n; V wh; V wh-to-inf
We already know about the importance of a clean body, clean hair and clean nails. We knew what we wanted. Some people just don't know how to plan a budget.
argue ask know learn think
find out
V about n; V with quote
I inquired about the provision of home care services in the Canadian program. `Has she lived here a long time?' Nancy inquired.
It embarrassed her when friends insisted she was beautiful. They raved about her high cheekbones and perfect nose. Sheila Rothwell, 29, raved: `It was really great. It's one of the maddest things I have ever seen.'
Kay sometimes found herself wondering about his motives. `Why's she weeping?' he wondered.
agree ask boast brag burble call complain enthuse fume grouse grumble gush inquire joke moan muse mutter philosophize rage rant rave rhapsodize sing snigger speculate twitter wail whine whinge wonder
V against n; V for n
Beregovoy promised to campaign against corruption. They actively campaigned for the vote and for equal opportunities in all areas of life.
You can insure against injury, illness or redundancy. St Margaret's Trust seemed to offer the best deal so I insured for the full market value.
A wife can't testify against her husband, they tell me. Ken's former wife and children had already testified for the prosecution.
argue campaign compete crusade demonstrate fight insure legislate lobby retaliate run spy stand strike testify vote
V against n; V for n; V in favour of n
As a lawyer Mr Mohammed often argued against apartheid legislation. Women also argued for changes in domestic life and work. In his speech the Governor argued in favour of financial liberalisation.
argue campaign demonstrate vote
V against n; V in favour of n
Thousands of people demonstrated against the resurgence of racism. 25,000 women paraded in New York to demonstrate in favour of women's suffrage.
The Church of England has ruled against the ordination of practising homosexuals. On May 24th a New York judge ruled in favour of Mr Jett's request that his case be heard before an arbitration panel.
argue campaign decide demonstrate discriminate rule vote
come out speak out
V against n; V n against n
It remains to be seen if the vaccine will protect against different strains of AIDS virus. It's always important to protect your skin against the sun.
The rising water arrived at the moment my right toe struck against a submerged rock. Dean fell and struck his head against the bannister.
Miles warned against hasty alterations to the rules. He had warned his team against complacency.
caution clink insure protect slam spray strike warn
V against n; V that
She thought about inviting Roger to stay for lunch but decided against it. Eventually, David decided it would be best if he lived on his own.
After bribed witnesses testified against her, she was executed. Several witnesses testified that they saw the officers hit Green.
583 advise caution decide preach rule testify
V against n; V to-inf
She battled against cancer for 19 months. Firemen battled to bring 100ft flames under control.
He wanted to call Langley, but decided against it. I rather quickly decided to seek a second interview with Pollard.
There had been rumours before last weekend's congress that at least one faction in the party was plotting against him. Prosecutors in the trial allege the defendants plotted to overthrow the government.
battle campaign compete conspire decide legislate plot scheme struggle vote
gang up
V against n; V with quote
He interviewed numerous doctors about his problem, many of whom advised against surgery. `Don't let the devil distract you from your work,' she advised.
Although he maintained an essentially Western life-style and possessed a vast knowledge of Western culture, he raged against Japan's imitation of the West. `Do you want to ruin me?' she raged.
advise caution rage rant warn
V as n; V for n
After two and a half years of hard study he spoke Tibetan well enough to pass as a native. She could pass for a man in bad light.
She volunteered as a nurse in a soldiers' rest home. He volunteered for service with the army.
pass run serve stand volunteer work
sign up
V as n; V n as n
What began as an attempt at artistic creation has turned into a marketable commodity. `Cuore' began life as a supplement to `l'Unita', the former Communist Party daily.
He hardly rates as a strong leader, but appears to offer what the public wants. He rates Richard as one of the best central defenders in the world after his performances in the European Championship finals.
An old wooden manger unearthed in the barn serves as a coffee table. The old drawing room serves her as both sitting room and study.
begin continue count end finish parade qualify rank rate serve start train
start off start out
V at n; V n at n
McGregor lifted the revolver from his side and aimed at Hughes. He aimed the gun at two pupils and pulled the trigger.
As he read, Molotov interrupted and shouted at him furiously. They stood there and shouted abuse at me as I walked down the street.
aim bark bellow holler jab scream shout shriek stab swing yell
V at n; V over n
He chuckled at my expression of dismay. Donald Sinclair was still chuckling over the letters with Judith and Chris Fortyne when the telephone rang.
Kelly fumed at his own stupidity. Hill is fuming over the absence of compensation from the authorities in Britain.
chuckle coo drool fume grieve salivate seethe smart
V at n; V that
People all over the world are rejoicing at the fall of dictatorships. I am an environmentalist but I actually rejoice that people have more cars.
I shouted at my husband if he was not home on time. The demonstrators shouted that they wanted security and food.
bellow exclaim grumble guess hint marvel rejoice scream shout sneer wonder yell
V at n; V that; V with quote
Nancy and Ned marvelled at the clarity of the colours on the screen. He marvelled that his father's voice was much like his own. `Wow,' I marvel, `men who talk about their feelings - just what women want.'
I felt I was screaming at Jeremy and Emily all the time. Marian screamed that he was selfish. Miller, 19, burst into the store and screamed: `Give me the money'.
bellow exclaim grumble guess marvel scream shout sneer yell
V at n; V to n
Annual nursing home fees average out at more than *5317,000. Unemployment in 1992 averaged out to 7.4 percent of the work force.
He nodded at the two men and went out through the double doors. Cross nodded to Dr. Stockton.
Every sinew in Fanny's body thrilled at a brisk knock on her door. Maus had thrilled to the atmosphere of the 1886 Impressionist Exhibition.
nod point thrill wave whistle
average out
V at n; V with n
The dollar finished at 127.23 yen. Moorer finished with 25 points.
Elizabeth laughed at Gretchen's description of Jerry. Endo laughed with real pleasure.
beam bristle cackle end finish laugh seethe shudder
V at n; V with quote
Burke turned and beamed at her admiringly. `How kind,' beamed Frannie.
We can only guess at Elsie's state of mind. `How many Saturdays will there be in December?' `Four,' he guessed.
They marvelled at her efficiency. `I don't know how she does it,' marvelled great-niece Eveline Wharton.
The priest scoffed at us and called us Quakers. They scoffed at my suggestion. `Aw, come on,' Pete scoffed. `Nobody believes in gnomes any more.'
bark bawl beam bellow cackle chuckle coo exclaim exult fume grumble guess guffaw holler jeer laugh marvel rage rant scoff scream screech shout snap snarl sneer snigger wince yell
For other combinations with the pattern V at n, see V about n.
V between pl-n; V from n or V from n to n

All these verbs have the pattern V between pl-n. The verbs range, vary, and waver also have the pattern V from n to n. The verb choose also has the pattern V from n. The verb commute has all three patterns.

Alison Fairlie had made her career at a time when women often had to choose between family and profession. Students can choose from a wide range of subjects.
The temperatures range between 102.5 and 106 degrees Fahrenheit. Prices range from \$15 to \$150 with many options in between.
choose commute range vary waver
V by -ing; V n by -ing
Penelope Fitzgerald began by reading an extract from the book. The president began the summit by welcoming his guests.
586 begin close end finish open start
start off start out
V for n; V n for n
He begged for water and there was not a drop to be had. He broke into tears and begged his captors for his life.
She paid for the taxi when I arrived. He paid *53120,000 for the property. The company isn't paying me for this.
When Miss Harnoy visited England last year she played for the prince at Salisbury Cathedral. They were kind enough to play some guitar for me.
Now that he is 65 and he qualifies for the old-age pension, he feels he has his dignity back. Students tend to demand training that qualifies them for the rewards society offers.
Nothing can substitute for the health advice your doctor can provide. To make this salad egg-free, substitute more yoghurt for the mayonnaise.
ask audition beg collect explore insure pay play prepare qualify scout substitute train wait
cough up fork out shell out
V for n; V that
Everybody hoped for a peaceful solution to the crisis. His mother hoped that he would become a priest.
I testified for the husband in a custody case. She testified that she had witnessed Larry Plover taking cocaine.
beg check hope plead pray shout testify
V for n; V that; V to-inf
The government is hoping for a vote of confidence in the elections. I hope that this new edition, too, will be a best-seller. The banks said they hope to offer better services to customers.
beg hope plead pray
V for n; V to-inf
We hope for an end to the violence. I hope to see you in two weeks.
The President had opted for a peaceful solution. She has opted to do a degree in Japanese.
The woman paid for her purchases and left. I am paying to see that game, and I'm looking forward to it.
During the war the first floor was occupied by the Ministry of Food and it was there that we all had to queue up for our ration books. About two thousand Soviet citizens queued up to tour the ship.
587 ache aim apply beg bid campaign care clamour compete crave be dying fight hanker hope hunger itch jockey legislate live negotiate opt pay petition plan plead pray prepare qualify queue register scrabble scramble serve strive vie volunteer vote wait wish yearn
queue up shell out stand by wait around/about
V for n; V with quote
He quickly apologized for his mistake. `Sorry I'm late,' he apologized. `Mr. Traynor kept me a while.'
There was blood everywhere and people were screaming and shouting for help. `Rory!' he shouted, but there was no answer.
apologize beg holler plead pray roar scream shout
For other combinations with the pattern V for n, see V against n, V as n.
V from n or V from n into n; V into n

All these verbs have the pattern V into n. The verbs change, metamorphose, and turn also have the pattern V from n into n. The other verbs have all three patterns.

He is likely to find that the atmosphere has changed from loving concern into something more highly charged and dangerous. Why, after all those years of marriage, did I change into someone else?
Birds are supposed to have evolved from reptiles. Thousands of species appeared on the scene, some of which eventually evolved into the flora and fauna we see around us today.
change develop evolve fade metamorphose retreat turn vanish
V from n; V n from n
To fund new investments they have little alternative but to borrow from banks. He wanted to get the property for himself, so he borrowed money from friends.
The blood drained from his face. A deadly gray pallor had drained all life from his face.
Not all companies gain from devaluation. He slowly gained confidence from his political success.
Fry until the oil separates from the spice mixture. Cereals are harvested and threshed to separate the seeds from the rest of the plant.
588 borrow choose crib derive detach divert drain extrapolate gain learn peel separate transfer withdraw
V from n or V from n to n; V to n

All these verbs have the pattern V to n. The verbs change, graduate, move, pass, switch, and turn also have the pattern V from n to n. The other verbs have all three patterns.

I commute from Crawley every day, which takes me two hours. Mike is a graphic designer and commutes to London every day.
Judge Jefferies was captured in 1688 trying to escape to Hamburg. Crito had tried to convince Socrates to escape from Athens rather than kill himself with the poison.
Licences to grow peanuts are jealously guarded privileges that pass from father to son. After Alice Boyd's death in 1897, the castle passed to three spinster sisters.
ascend change commute defect divert escape extend graduate immigrate move pass return rise switch transfer turn withdraw
change over rise up run away
For other combinations with the pattern V from n, see V between pl-n.
V -ing; V n -ing
Perhaps he had locked the door to avoid being disturbed during his meal. The couple are trying for a second time to agree on a divorce settlement to avoid their case going to public court.
I like doing competitions but I never win anything. My mum doesn't like me cycling 'cos of all the heavy traffic.
He won't offend you if it means offending me. He said he would not reverse his decision even if it meant him losing power.
She remembered having heard the story from her mother. I remember her smiling.
anticipate appreciate avoid (cannot) bear (not) begrudge contemplate describe dislike dread entail envisage favour forget hate imagine involve justify keep like mean mention mind (not) mind necessitate preclude prevent prohibit recall recollect remember report resent risk save visualize
V -ing; V that
Mr Righton denied making the videos himself. Mary flatly denied that there was any problem.
The more radicalized people in Moscow propose abolishing the union presidency altogether. 589 In that report, we also proposed that all high school seniors write an essay on a consequential topic.
I deeply regret having offended you last November. She regrets that there was any criminal activity involved.
acknowledge admit advise advocate anticipate deny dread envisage fantasize forget imagine intend mention (not) mind prefer propose recall recollect recommend regret remember report suggest
V -ing; V to-inf
I soon began working with them as their resident musician. I began to laugh.
He dotes on his children and hates being away from them. Politicians hate to admit they were wrong.
Have you tried contacting your local councillor? He tried to smile.
begin (not) bother cease commence continue deserve dread fear forbear go hate intend like love need omit prefer start try
V -ing; V with n
He continued looking at me for a while. The surprise display over, the general continued with his address.
It was quite incredible the way he fell about laughing. Back in the bar two girls in pink silk pyjamas are falling about with laughter.
(not) bother continue
carry on fall about go on start off
V in n; V n in n
He invested heavily in shares after retiring from a bank he part-owned eight years ago. He invested the money in real estate.
Everyone present joined in the singing. More than 100 villagers joined police in a search.
He trained in law at Turin university. We were able to train them in some very basic techniques.
assist invest join land lodge slot stick stir train tutor
V in n; V on n
More than 200 artists and performers will collaborate in a three-day sound and light show. Ms. Rudner and Mr. Bergman have collaborated on several writing projects.
It is also interesting to note that golf hardly features in sports magazines. The song features on the soundtrack of Myers' latest movie.
Mary didn't ride in the car with her. John rode on the bus with Lisa.
appear catch collaborate feature lecture ride sit speculate
V into n; V n into n
In Greek legend, the goddess Daphne changes into a laurel tree. Drugs changed him into a person we didn't recognize.
Barry dipped into the plastic bag. She dipped a hand into the jar of toffees and pulled one out.
The class divides into groups of two, a boy and a girl in each, to carry on the guesswork. Roger and Gary began to divide the mushrooms into seven equal portions.
We are plunging into a depression. The defeat plunged the country into confusion.
amalgamate assimilate break change condense convert crowd dig dip divide form hook integrate merge metamorphose mutate plunge resolve rush separate shatter sink slam slot smash split stretch translate transmute turn
carry over
V into n; V out of n
Participants say the talks never developed into serious dialogue. Modern Pentecostalism developed out of the revivalist movement.
Edgar fell into a deep sleep for four hours. Nasser's system of centralised economic management has fallen out of favour.
change condense develop fall get pile slip
V into n; V to n
Additional guests can sleep in the library, where a sofa converts into an extra bed. The saloon is big enough for the settees to convert to single beds.
Maybe I'm regressing into second childhood. I seem to have regressed to my post-college days.
ascend build change come convert cross crumble mushroom regress shade spring stretch throng turn withdraw
carry over get back
For other combinations with the pattern V into n, see V from n. 591
V n about n; V n on n
Tour companies are briefing vacationers about the city's dangers. Captain Ramirez had briefed them on the execution of their current mission.
They refused even to challenge the government about the situation of young people. I challenged him on the hypocrisy of his political attitudes.
Morgan has consulted a barrister about his case. Mrs Roberts first consulted the doctor over a lump in her breast on March 15, 1991.
brief challenge consult cross-examine grill lecture press question quiz
V n about n; V n that
The government are mounting a number of new initiatives to inform the public about diet and health. Officers closed in and informed him that he was being arrested on suspicion of murder.
caution forewarn inform kid notify reassure teach tell warn
V n about n; V n wh; V n wh-to-inf
The army informs all recruits about the dangers of drug taking. He did not inform anyone there what he was looking for. The Health Secretary said the aim was to inform the public how to get the best out of the new arrangements.
advise ask inform teach tell warn
V n about n; V with quote
I made a mental note to ask Eileen about Kintail's background. `You really are serious about this, aren't you?' he asked, nearly incredulous.
advise ask caution challenge say scold tease warn
For other combinations with the pattern V n about n, see V about n.
V n adj; V n as adj
Kitson was branded greedy. Since the album made its debut in late October, lyrics in several songs have been branded as racist.
brand certify consider diagnose label rate
V n adj; V n as adj; V n as n
Parker died in 1955 aged 34; the doctor who certified him dead thought he was twice that age. The UN on Saturday certified the election as `free and fair'. Gallup certified her as the most popular actress in America.
592 brand certify consider diagnose label rate
V n adj; V n as adj; V n as n; V n n
They labelled his work `naive'. Just because she isn't thin, she labels herself as `much too fat'. According to the prison psychiatrist they're wrong to try and label him as a psychopath. The following day's headlines labelled her a saint.
brand consider label rate
V n adj; V n as n; V n n
I suppose I must count myself lucky. I count him as my best friend. You'd better count yourself a privileged lady, Frau Eckdorf!
brand consider count label rate
V n adj; V n n
Jesse was born handicapped and it was thought he'd never talk. `The Sun' reported last week that their baby had been born a drug addict.
The organisers are considering whether to declare the lottery void. The government declared the area a national reserve.
account be born brand call consider count declare deem find label make pronounce prove rate rule serve
V n as adj; V n as n
Did anybody ever acknowledge that as brave? Cooking consultant Jacki Passmore is acknowledged as an expert in Asian cuisine.
The company attacked the proposals as unjustified and unnecessary. The Reagan administration attacked Social Security as a drain on the budget.
The Minister for Home Affairs described the death as unfortunate. Three-fifths of working women describe their employment as a job rather than as a career.
I rate him as very special. I rate him as the best coach in the game.
accept acknowledge attack bill brand certify characterize cite class classify conceive condemn confirm consider construe decry denounce depict describe designate diagnose dismiss expose impress interpret label mention perceive pigeon-hole portray present rank 593 rate read recognize regard remember represent reveal scorn see stereotype strike tout view
mark out write off
V n as adj; V n as n; V n n
There is no scriptural reason to consider women as inferior. We should consider today as a memorable historic day. I will always consider him a good friend of mine.
brand consider designate label rate
For other combinations with the pattern V n as adj, see V n adj.
V n as n; V n for n
In the preview of the fall campaign, Simpson attacked Bill Clinton as a draft dodger. Candidates regularly run advertisements to attack their opponents for statements made in advertising.
He nominated David Gower as his chief executive officer. Democrats in California have nominated a woman for this November's election for governor.
I think he'll be remembered as the greatest dancer of our lifetime. Woody Guthrie is remembered for the songs he wrote about the Great Depression.
acclaim attack choose condemn designate intend laud nominate remember select vilify
single out
V n as n; V n -ing
She began her career as a dancer. She began her broadcasting career working on commercials with Alan Parker.
Mr Pehuoa also mentioned the economy as an area in which he disagreed with the government. You mentioned Milan Stevens being fond of you.
begin end finish mention start visualize
V n as n; V n n
He caused uproar when he branded the jobless as `layabouts'. They branded her an opportunist.
In Japan today, the Parliament elected Kiichi Miyazawa as the country's 49th prime minister. If you elect me President you will be better off four years from now than you are today.
594 acclaim anoint brand consider count designate dub elect fancy give hail intend label name nominate ordain proclaim rate re-elect tag term For other combinations with the pattern V n as n, see V as n, V n adj, V n as adj.
V n for n, V n n
Look, little one, she's brought a nice present for you. When I was ill he brought me flowers.
`All the doors upstairs are broken. I'm scared to ask them to fix it; they might charge me for that.' It would be insulting to charge them a fee.
Ireland never forgave Cromwell for his harsh treatment of towns that resisted him. `You forgave me my unusual way of life,' he told them. `I thank you.'
acclaim allocate book bring buy carve charge cook excuse fetch find fix forgive get knit leave make order pay play pour prescribe secure sell vote wangle write
V n for n; V n to-inf
When Hanuman chided him for his unsuitable attire, he smiled and said nothing. She strove to keep more order in the house, chiding the children lovingly not to make noise.
The Olympic Committee yesterday chose Nagano for the 1998 winter games. Churchill chose Cripps to be his messenger to India.
They paid cash for almost everything. I paid *5380 to have my car radio fixed.
Previous experience had hardly prepared him for this type of war. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows as if he had prepared himself to do some dirty work.
admonish allocate beg beseech budget choose clear be designed do earmark equip fit free groom importune intend nominate pay pester prepare press pressure prime qualify ready recruit schedule steel take tip vote
rope in
For other combinations with the pattern V n for n, see V for n, V n as n. 595
V n from n or V n from n into n; V n into n

All these verbs have the pattern V n into n. The verbs change, metamorphose, transform, and translate also have the pattern V n from n into n. The verbs distil, divide, and sidetrack also have the pattern V n from n. The verb transplant has all three patterns.

These people have a tendency to try to sidetrack you from your task. He was sometimes sidetracked into power struggles.
By late 1917, London had been transformed from an open city into a defended location. The old offices and storerooms were transformed into classrooms and workshops.
change distil divide metamorphose sidetrack transform translate transplant
V n from n; V n out of n
He carves his figures from white pine and yellow poplar. The younger of the girls asks Andrew to carve a pendant out of a piece of a driftwood.
When Johnny couldn't beg or charm a meal from a civilian, he at times would stoop to stealing. They have charmed money out of the pockets of credulous citizens.
She flew at him and actually chased him from the house. He chased them out of the camp and across the desert.
carve charm chase clip coax conjure construct create fashion get hew hound make manufacture pluck prize pull squeeze take wheedle wring
V n from n or V n from n to n; V n to n

All these verbs have the pattern V n to n. The verb change also has the pattern V n from n to n. The other verbs have all three patterns.

They were banished from the country, seemingly never to return. Five years later he was banished to Upper Egypt.
That is why we decided to change our name from National Marriage Guidance to Relate. She changed her name to Joanna.
Pamela Counter has been promoted from account executive. He was promoted to lieutenant general.
banish bar change deport extradite forward pass pluck promote relay send transfer transplant
For other combinations with the pattern V n from n, see V from n.
V n inf; V n -ing
Seeing that the girl was in pain, Mrs Dambar had her sit down. We had him working at CBS within three weeks.
Wade glanced up and saw her disappear. I saw him coming along the path.
596 feel have hear notice observe see watch
V n in n; V n into n
Peel the onions and cut them in half lengthwise. Cut the potatoes into strips and fry rapidly in hot oil.
Harper crumpled the note and threw it in the corner. He threw his bags into the trunk.
break carve chop cut dip divide draft etch implant instil lock render slice slot sort split stick throw
V n in n; V n on n
His face is etched in my memory. Every detail of the attack is etched on the captain's memory.
Joseph instructs a class in woodwork. The video instructs them on body language.
I think that you should put your questions down in writing. I wish to thank my friend Tamar Karet who encouraged me to develop my ideas and put them down on paper.
capture carve catch engrave etch ground hit imprint instruct place remand strike
put down
For other combinations with the pattern V n in n, see V in n.
V n into -ing; V n into n
He claimed the police had bullied him into admitting the crime. His wife Sonia could bully him into silence.
Policewoman Joanne Field was praised yesterday for charming a gunman into handing over his rifle. His uncompromisingly honest songs charm you into rapt attention.
The experience has lulled citizens into accepting dismal levels of public service. His absence had lulled Felicity into a sense of security.
She might be able to shame her friends into lending her the money. He could well shame other nations into action.
badger blackmail bludgeon bounce browbeat bulldoze bully cajole charm chasten chivvy co-opt coerce con condition cow deceive dragoon dupe entrap fool force galvanize goad intimidate inveigle jolt lull lure manoeuvre nag nudge panic persuade press press-gang pressure prod propel provoke push put railroad rush scare seduce shame sidetrack 597 spur stampede steamroller steer stir sweet talk tempt terrify trap trick
V n into -ing; V n into n; V n to-inf
She is trying to force me into marrying Desmond Featherstone. She'd had a relationship with a man who virtually forced her into a life of crime. He pulled the boy's arms from around his neck and forced him to sit back on his chair.
badger blackmail cajole chivvy coerce condition force nag nudge persuade press pressure prod push spur tempt
V n into -ing; V n to-inf
I've just got to persuade my dad into letting me having a season ticket. He persuaded Ferranti to set up the first British Computer Service Bureau.
You should try to support her and not pressurize her into being superwoman. Who's pressurizing you to keep up your grades?
badger blackmail brainwash cajole chivvy coerce condition force manipulate nag nudge persuade press pressure pressurize prod push spur tempt
V n into n; V n out of n
He has scotched rumours that the selector's decision will force him into early retirement. The accident forced the Frenchman out of the race.
get changed con cut force get jolt persuade trick
V n into n; V n to-inf
I wouldn't push couples into marriage if they were uncertain of their strength of commitment. He had pushed her to buy a new car.
Don't let greed for power tempt you into waters that are too deep. Don't let credit tempt you to buy something you can't afford.
badger blackmail cajole chivvy coerce condition force nag nudge permit persuade press pressure prod push spur tempt
V n into n; V n to n
The restorers converted the signals into digital code. A light bulb converts electrical energy to heat energy.
His family were driven into exile in 1921. Sarah's father was driven to suicide by debts of *5310 million.
598 beat change convert deliver drive feed introduce knit lull scare stretch transplant turn yoke
carry over work up
For other combinations with the pattern V n into n, see V into n, V n from n, V n in n.
V n n; V n ton
She could help him or she could do him a considerable amount of harm. `Trick or treat' is a threat that you'll do something terrible to the occupants of the house if they don't give you a gift.
Nobody phoned the police or ambulance service, though one woman offered him a towel. He tasted the wine himself before offering it to his friends.
They liked him, they thought he was a war hero, he told them some kind of story. But this much I'll give my word on, I'll not tell one story to you and another somewhere else.
accord allocate allot appoint assign award beat bequeath bid bring cable concede do fax feed give grant hand lease leave lend loan mail nominate offer ordain owe pass pay pen post proffer promise read render sell send serve show slip teach tell vouchsafe wire write
For other combinations with the pattern V n n, see V n adj, V n as adj, V n as n, V n for n.
V n on n; V on n
She advises companies on investment strategies in Latin America. A doctor should be on the premises as part of the professional team, to monitor and advise on medication.
He bet *5310 on three horses called Bartisan, Your Fancy and Merry Dance at Lewes races. I bet on American football.
We focus our attention on people who are ill. Robert's counselling focuses on positive energy and humour to fight the mounting tension.
The couple had forked out *532774 on a special trip to celebrate Mick's 50th birthday. You'll have to fork out on publicity.
advise bet catch centre concentrate counsel drum fasten fix focus gamble gorge hammer lecture rap save snag wager
fork out shell out
For other combinations with the pattern V n on n, see V n about n, V n in n. 599
V n that; V n to-inf
The death of my son taught me that life is very fragile. The harsh lessons of the war had taught me to defend myself.
caution decide instruct show teach
V n that; V n wh
They told me they'd call the cops. Tell me how it happened.
inform instruct remind teach tell warn
V n that; V n with quote
Hopkins privately assured Churchill that Roosevelt and the American people would stand by Britain no matter what the danger. `You can happily drink my wines within a year of bottling,' he assured me.
I promised the children we'd go for a boat ride in the pond. `We'll manage,' she promised him.
assure inform instruct promise remind tell
V n that; V that
The Japanese Prime Minister has already promised him that aid worth four billion dollars will soon be on its way. I promise I'll explain everything as soon as I can.
caution guarantee instruct promise show warn
For other combinations with the pattern V n that, see V n about n.
V n to-inf; V n with quote
I grabbed him by both shoulders and begged him to calm down. She begged her father: `Please look after the cats for me.'
Finally Stalin instructed Zhukov to go to the Kremlin. `Go home and ask your father what he thinks,' Scott instructed him.
admonish advise beg command entreat exhort implore instruct order urge warn
V n to-inf; V n with quote; V with quote
He commanded his men to retreat. An urgent voice from the gloom commanded me: `Stop! Don't move.' `Open it,' she commanded.
I genuinely believed Carling was best-suited for the job and I implored him not to give it up. `Sing it one time!' Stevie implores the audience. `Can't you do something?' he implored.
advise beg command entreat exhort implore instruct order urge warn
V n to-inf; V that
I asked Beryl to drop in. The Attorney asked that Mr. Rough be sentenced to no more than a year in jail.
They would have preferred me to be a doctor or a lawyer. I would prefer that you pronounce my name correctly.
They understand him to be unharmed. I understand he spends most of his time in Europe and America.
acknowledge advise allege ask assume beg believe caution command consider declare direct discover expect feel find instruct know order prefer presume prove recommend report require show think understand wish
V n to-inf; V that; V with quote
I advised her to make the trip. When his condition worsened, doctors advised that he should be transferred to a private room at St Mary's hospital. `Be careful, boys!' he advised.
Myrna Blyth declared her to be the greatest media personality of the decade. The ministers declared that the recent decline of the yen had undesirable consequences for the world economy. `To be honest, I hate children,' declares Bob.
advise allege beg caution command declare instruct report
V n to-inf; V to-inf
I will beg her to come back. He begs to come in the house, but we can't allow it.
The Bank expects inflation to rise this year. I didn't expect to find Monica at the flat because she works in the mornings.
I jumped when the telephone rang, preparing myself to receive bad news. She was preparing to go to Manchester to film an episode of `Cluedo'.
601 beg desire expect (not) expect hate help incline like love mean need pay petition prefer prepare qualify train (not) trouble
V n to-inf; V with quote
I would caution you to read the fine print. He cautioned, however: `There is still an awful lot of bad news to come.'
Eight republics have now declared themselves to be independent. `To run an efficient international organisation you cannot skimp,' he declares.
advise allege beg beseech caution challenge command counsel declare entreat exhort implore instruct order report request urge warn
For other combinations with the pattern V n to-inf, see V n for n, V n into -ing, V n into n.
V n to n; V n with n
We can connect this suspect to the other shootings in the Columbia Heights and the Mount Pleasant area. Nothing was found to connect them with the robbery.
Leica has always supplied equipment to armed forces throughout the world. The Soviets supplied Finland with all its oil in return for Finnish manufactured goods.
connect correlate credit entrust feed link mail match present supply
match up
V n to n; V pl-n with together
There had always been the strong ties that bound her to Rachel, Chris and Caroline. You can enjoy the understanding that binds you and your lover together.
Lightly gather the material then pin and sew it to the ribbon. Normally I sew the pages together by machine.
bind bolt chain clip couple join knit lash rope sew solder stick tie weld yoke
V n to n; V to n
Keegan adapted himself to a change of routine. The data will help scientists learn how the body adapts to the absence of gravity.
He admitted the crime to his father's twin brother. He also admitted to mistakes in his economic policy.
You can hear stereo sound on the VCR if you connect it to an audio stereo system. A short curly lead connects to the camcorder's external mike socket.
In twelve months time I will have increased my salary to *5330,000 per year. 602 Italy's deficit increased to $14.5 billion.
I sometimes sit and read the newspaper to her. My mother read to us every evening until we were 18.
acclimatize accommodate adapt adjust admit attach awaken brake change clip commit confess connect contribute convert correlate decrease dictate drop give incline increase lend mould nod pass propose read relate sell stretch swell switch telegraph transfer transmit turn write
carry over match up open up
V n to n; V that
We shyly admitted our plan to friends. He admitted he had been lying.
More than a third of people prefer bungalows to houses. The two leaders prefer that a vote occur after next week's meeting.
admit announce confide dictate disclose divulge explain mention murmur pledge prefer report reveal say submit suggest
V n to n; V with quote
Tony cried then, but he wouldn't admit it to the press. `I do like being tall now,' she admits, `but when I was growing up, I disliked it.'
So he only suggested the idea to you once. `Perhaps a little cognac for everyone,' he suggested meekly.
admit cable confide explain murmur read report say suggest telegraph
For other combinations with the pattern V n to n, see V n from n, V n into n.
V n wh; V n wh-to-inf
I was embarrassed when he asked me who my father was. They asked him how to get in touch with Julie's family.
I'll show you what I've done. He showed me how to fix the camera and tripod.
advise ask inform instruct remind show teach tell warn
V n wh; V n with quote
Hi, can you tell us where King's Square is, please. `The only thing I need is a tape player so I can listen to music,' she told us.
advise ask inform instruct remind tell
For other combinations with the pattern V n wh, see V n about n, V n that.
V n with n; V with n
He's assisting us with the investigation. Everyone is expected to assist with camp chores.
Nagano ended the concert with the full version of Stravinsky's Firebird ballet. The rally ended with spectacular fireworks.
By the time Diana appeared I'd filled the bath with water. Behind him his tracks filled with snow.
assist begin check end equate fill finish help integrate juggle meet oblige open square
fill up
For other combinations with V n with n, see V n to n.
V n with quote; V that; V with quote
`I'll be back by noon,' he promised the clerk. The President promised that the reforms would be carried out within two years. `I'll do what I can for you at the trial,' I promised.
advise beg command instruct promise
V n with quote; V with quote
`What did you do at school today?' a mother asked her 12-year-old daughter. `Who are you?' I asked.
`You're wrong. I'm seventeen,' she corrected him. On the morning I checked out of the hotel, the doorman assumed I wanted a taxi to the airport. `Railway station,' I corrected.
`You're making a big mistake,' he warned me. `I'd like to get closer if I could,' he said. `Forget it!' warned Pete.`Those beasts are dangerous.'
advise ask beg cable command correct entreat exhort implore instruct interrupt order promise urge warn
For other combinations with the pattern V n with quote, see V n that, V n to-inf, V n wh. 604
V on n; V over n
The government has backed down on performance-related contracts. The Allies had backed down over the 1936 re-militarization of the Rhineland.
He brooded on his failure to avert the confrontation in the woods. Christine brooded over the cause of her broken marriage.
A gloomy silence once again descended on the room. A deathly hush descended over Rome's Olympic Stadium.
Murdock tripped on the last step and nearly landed flat on his face. Nancy tripped over a tree root and went sprawling.
brood compromise deliberate descend differ disagree fall fawn muse ponder prevaricate procrastinate ruminate speculate stall trip waffle waver
back down climb down trip up
V on n; V that
International airlines are betting on a return to profits this year. Despite the problems caused by German unification, many economists are still betting that Europe's economies will outshine America's over the next few years.
The government has refused to comment on such questions. He commented that I spoke French with a Swiss accent.
agree bet comment disagree gamble insist muse pronounce remark rule speculate
report back
V on n; V that; V with quote
I feel I must comment on the statement made by Boris Yeltsin. One official commented that Hurricane Andrew damaged every building in this town in some way. `There are some aspects that worry me,' he commented.
Simply insist on your point of view in a gentle but resolute manner. He insisted he was feeling fine and asked everyone to go on drinking and talking as before. `I hope our fears are ill-founded but we have to err on the side of caution,' he insisted.
agree comment insist muse pronounce remark speculate
V on n; V to-inf
The leaders agreed on the need for extra debt relief for the poorest developing countries. It's not clear if the two sides have agreed to ban the development of nuclear weapons.
I felt they were all ganging up on me. The big institutional shareholders ganged up to push the deal through.
agree collaborate fail legislate survive vote
gang up shell out
V on n; V with quote
He would break in on her conversation with clients to ask her when she was going to have lunch ready. `Hey, wait!' Joe broke in unexpectedly. `What about Ian?'
Although some scientists have mused on the question of how to get rid of sonic booms, they have not yet found satisfactory answers. `I ought to reconsider her offer to move in,' he mused.
agree comment insist muse philosophize pronounce remark speculate
break in butt in cut in
For other combinations with the pattern V on n, see V about n, V in n, V n on n.
V over n; V with quote
I have been a subscriber to `The Oldie' almost from the beginning and have spent many hours chuckling over some of the articles and cartoons. He said he spent his time in detention reading. `It was a good opportunity for me to get some reading done,' he chuckled.
Mae West was astonished when an admirer enthused over an old film of hers he had seen at New York's Museum of Modern Art. `With my brains and your looks we'll be the perfect partnership!' she enthused.
chuckle coo enthuse fume gush muse rhapsodize speculate
For other combinations with the pattern V over n, see V about n, V at n, V on n.
V that; V to-inf
He seemed to have forgotten that the rest of us were present. I'm sorry I'm late, John. I forgot to set my alarm and I overslept.
I'm quite sure that the pilot didn't intend that we should hear him. The factory intended to use only 2,000 workers.
agree arrange ask beg claim decide demand determine dread expect forget guarantee hope intend plead pledge pray prefer pretend profess promise regret resolve swear threaten venture vow
V that; V to-inf; V with quote
The police are claiming that the situation in the capital is serious. The leader of the cult claimed to be Jesus Christ. `I never touched it,' he claimed.
Jordan pleaded that food and medicines were permitted on humanitarian grounds. She pleaded to be released and not be hurt. `Please help me,' she pleaded.
606 beg claim demand plead pray promise venture vow
V that; V to n
He admits he has had a problem with drug and alcohol dependency. They openly admitted to the murder of Surrendra Paul.
We repeatedly heard faculty members complain that their students are unprepared to do college-level work. He will urge the Board to complain to the European Athletics Association.
admit attest boast brag complain confess dictate mutter object pray reply respond signal swear testify whisper
report back
V that; V to n; V with quote
Members of the federal government objected that such an arrangement would reduce central authority to a shell. Teachers objected to the prospect of being compelled to work longer hours. `You've no right to jump to conclusions,' Armstrong objected.
admit attest boast brag complain confess mutter object pray reply respond whisper
V that; V wh
I couldn't believe that the man I'd been so happy with for years had done this. I can't believe how hard this course is.
Experts at the United Nations estimate that 10 percent of the earth's people have already been affected to some extent by desertification. You must now estimate how much capital and cash is needed to take the business to a full-time level.
Imagine you are sending someone a picture postcard of where you live. What does it look like? It's easy to imagine how the current fighting could escalate.
accept acknowledge advise affirm agree announce anticipate appreciate argue ascertain (cannot) believe calculate check (cannot) conceive confess confirm conjecture decide demonstrate determine dictate discern disclose discover dispute divine divulge doubt emphasize envisage envision establish estimate explain fantasize figure find forecast foresee foretell guess hear hint hypothesize illustrate imagine indicate intimate know learn marvel mention note notice predict prove read realize recall recognize recollect recommend recount reflect register remain remark remember report resolve reveal say see sense show signal 607 speculate state stipulate stress suggest surmise suspect suss twig underline underscore verify warn worry
figure out find out let on put down work out
V that; V wh; V with quote
Ms Andreyevna guesses that in fact 50 per cent of the working population is on short time or paid leave. I bet you can't guess what I'm going to do. `How many of them are there?' he asked. `Six hundred?' Sharpe guessed.
Naomi recalled that the beginning of the war felt exciting. He could recall how terrible he'd felt. `I met Conrad Black years ago in Palm Beach,' Brooke Astor recalled.
Greenspan said he expects the economy to recover quickly from the current recession. I said how sorry I was to ring him at midnight. `I love you, Lee,' he said.
advise affirm agree announce argue confess declare deduce demand estimate explain guess marvel note predict proclaim read recall remark report say speculate state stress suggest warn
V that; V with n; V with quote
Derrida responded that such a project was impossible. She responded with a letter in which she thanked him. `Well, things almost turned out just the way you wanted,' Nancy responded.
agree counter joke plead respond
V that; V with quote
He added that most of the information is already available. `She's planning to start at Berkley in September,' Pete added.
The government has promised the elections will be fair. `I'll be here,' she promised.
My uncle said he was going to take the blame. After a while she said, `Fielding, why aren't you at school?'
Since it's almost lunch-time, I suggest you have a leisurely meal and then perhaps go for a drive. `Let's take a taxi,' Chet suggested.
He was so arrogant that he thought he could talk his way out of everything. I have to do as my father says, he thought, there's no choice.
608 add admit advise affirm agree allege announce answer argue assert attest aver beg bellow boast brag burble caution chant claim command comment complain concede conclude concur confess confide contend counter cry declaim declare deduce demand enthuse estimate exclaim explain go grouse grumble guess hazard insist instruct interject joke lament maintain marvel moan murmur muse note object observe opine plead pray predict proclaim promise pronounce protest quip read reason recall reiterate rejoin remark repeat reply report respond retort say scream shout sneer speculate squawk state stress suggest venture volunteer vow wail warn whine whisper write yell
cry out
For other combinations with the pattern V that, see V about n, V against n, V at n, V for n, V -ing, V n that, V n to-inf, V n to n, V n with quote, V on n.
V to-inf; V with quote
She offered to accompany Mr Snabel on his hike. `We could play golf this afternoon,' he offered.
beg claim demand offer plead pray promise venture vow
For other combinations with the pattern V to-inf, see V against n, V for n, V -ing, V n to-inf, V on n, V that.
V to n; V with n
All youth groups will have to affiliate to the National Youth Agency. He said he wanted to affiliate with a U.S. firm because he needed expert advice and counsel in legal affairs.
The Institute's diet plans conform to guidelines of the American Heart Association. An inquiry could find no fault with the structure of the ship. It conformed with all the necessary regulations.
The Secretary General spoke to reporters in Amman. As Laurie spoke with Forstmann, her husband was on the other line with Cohen.
affiliate bind chat conform connect correlate correspond equate natter resound respond sign speak talk
cuddle up match up sing along
V to n; V with quote
I assented to the request of the American publishers to write this book. `I think you're right,' Pantieri assented.
The guards muttered to each other, ignoring Vangelis. `Sometimes Bess doesn't have much sense,' she muttered.
admit apologize assent attest boast brag complain confess mumble mutter object pray read reply respond sing telegraph whisper
For other combinations with the pattern V to n, see V at n, V from n, V into n, V n to n, V that.
V wh; V wh-to-inf
I have decided what the course content is going to be at the start of the course. A writer or poet decides what to say and then chooses the most beautiful words to express it.
I didn't recognize them when they came in. When they were going I suddenly realized who they were. I think, finally, with this record, I've realized how to write songs.
I can't remember what the programme was called. I just couldn't remember how to spell the most simple of words.
advise argue ask assess calculate check consider debate decide demonstrate describe determine discover discuss establish explain figure forget guess illustrate imagine indicate investigate judge know learn plan ponder realize recall rehearse remember (cannot) remember reveal say see show specify suggest think understand
figure out find out puzzle out weigh up work out
V wh; V with quote
Around eleven, Father Gregory phoned to ask how she was. `Where have you been all this time?' Bess asked anxiously.
You can use a chart to note when your next injection is due. It was an extremely well-balanced little car and I noted in my diary, `I must say this car really is a little beauty.'
I was thinking how lovely this house is. Pamela was right, she thought.
advise affirm agree announce argue ask confess declare deduce demand estimate explain guess inquire marvel note predict proclaim query recall remark report say speculate state stress suggest think warn wonder
610 For other combinations with the pattern V wh, see V about n, V that.
V with n; V with quote
I do agree with you absolutely. Many European governments agree with these proposals. `I don't look sixty-seven,' she added. `No,' he agreed, `you don't.'
As a boy, he had arms and legs that were long and straight and brown, and he laughed with pleasure when people said he looked like an Indian. Liam laughed with his friends who were taking a break from playing cricket. `You never know,' laughed Dr Holly, `just when the past will catch up with you!'
The number of smokers in Britain is falling, but those who persist with the habit are smoking more. `You haven't answered me,' she persisted.
agree beam cackle counter crow end explode expostulate groan interrupt joke laugh persist plead respond squeal
butt in chime in chip in
For other combinations with the pattern V with n, see V at n, V -ing, V n with n, V that, V to n.